Off the Menu – Secret Menus Revealed

How many times have you heard from a co-worker that a friend-of-a-friend’s-cousin got the secret coffee drink from the Starbucks secret menu? We’ve all heard tales of “rainbow lattes” and “burger-chicken-McGriddle” that are concoctions dreamed up by bored restaurant employees to feed their curiosities at the end of a shift. With the spread of social media, rumors of the “secret menu” at many fast food establishments began to spread over the web like wildfire.

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Welcome to Amusing Bouche

Hello, my name is Maureen and welcome to my blog, Amusing Bouche. The title is a poor attempt to play on the French appetizer called amuse-bouche. These are dishes that are made to be taken in one single bite as a sort of starting taste of bigger and better things to come. Food is something I’m passionate about and enjoy as an extracurricular activity. If I’m not actively eating food, I’m researching food, preparing food, or talking about food to others.

This blog will contain short, hours d’oeuvre sized postings about a meals I enjoyed.  I will also include the ever illustrious food picture to show my readers the presentation of said dishes. Enjoy and Bon Appetite!